Tomislav Ivica


Henry Evans was incredibly helpful, professional, and courteous. He is the premier immigration lawyer in South Dakota and surrounding areas.

Jody Gerdeman


I would truly recommend Mr Evans to anyone who's seeking an immigration lawyer. He's the best and he gets the job done. Not only is he reliable he is also willing to work with you financially because he wants the best for his clients.
You can put all your confidence in him because you won't be disappointed!

Dario Turcios


Attorney Evans, and his employees, did a very professional job assisting with the citizenship application process. He dutifully explained what was needed, and clarified questions. He also kept me up to date of the application's status and gave valuable resources. I am now a U.S. Citizen and very grateful for the assistance Evans Law provided during the process.

No matter how good your attorney, ultimately, you also have a responsibility to verify all the information submitted is correct, as any inaccuracies can delay your application process. Every person's citizenship application will differ in how long it takes.

I recommend Evans Law if you need assistance with your US Citizenship application.

Edna martinez


Thank you so much for everything what you did for me and my family in our emigration case. God Bless you always. Great Attorney.

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